Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sometimes things other than images of people fucking turn me on, specifically well designed objects like a skyscraper, a pair of shoes or in this case, a REALLY FAST FUCKING CAR. The Audi R8 Spyder is a member of my masturbatory dream garage and now they made it even better. The 5.2L v10 pumping out 525HP and 391LB-FT of torque is still there, as is the aluminum space frame, only now they ripped the rood off. Praise Jesus. Seriously. I know people always embed stupid clips of random shit on blogs, but the 90-second film below is super fucking neat-o. Check it out!

Anyone got $150,000 to loan me? I really need a car and this one suits me perfectly. It's wildily impracticable, it guzzles gas like Pierre Fitch guzzles cock and would you look at those LCD headlamps!!! I WANT! As if you haven't already noticed, this car brings out my inner 12 year old. Which I think is the point of cars like this. Well, that and to get laid like, 8 times day. Which would actually be a necessity since the sound of the mid-engine would make my dick hard.

PS - I'll settle for the hard top version too. Or a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (both are very much the same under the skin).

PPS - I think I should get a job writing copy for car ads. Audi? HELLO!


Thomas said...

Ah, I'm glad the love/hate relationship with dear ol' Pierre is still going strong.

JUSTIN said...

Until I get my turn, it shall remain...haha.

Dean Grey said...


So if Pierre Fitch were sitting in an Audi R8 Spyder your head would just about explode then, huh?



The New Me said...

I like the idea of a job writing copy for car ads, but I'm wondering if Audi would feel the same about, "...the sound of the mid-engine would make my dick hard."

I mean I believe in truth in advertising and all but...

dan said...

embed stupid clips , huh?!?!?.
ha ha. nice car.