Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Last night my good friend posed a question to me, which was "hey, I've never taken X before, and my dealer just gifted me 2 pills, you want to try it with me?" to which I responded, FUCK YES!

It's been years [um, months actually] since I've rolled my nuts off, and last night seemed like a perfect time to reacquaint myself with that particular chemical high. My friend had never done it before and when he asked me what it's like, I invented the title of this post; it really is like falling in love all over again....WITH EVERYTHING.

This picture below is of my living room; the image on the TV is of some random glacier and you can't tell, but my stereo was bumping some serious fucking Mos Def (you probably cannot smell the stench of high grade herb either). This is what I kept referring to as my Happy Place.

And happy it was. A great time was made even better with the arrival of my red-headed female friend (she was a bit tipsy) and at one point last night, I felt so fucking... satisfied, for the first time in a long time! Really, I know conventional "wisdom" suggests that chemically-induced happiness is somehow less than "real" or whatever, but HOLY SHIT, I've been in such a rut that eating that tiny pill allowed me to releases so much pent-up bullshit.

You feed me drugs and booze and I'll talk a fucking blue streak, from everything about why Obama sucks to how Hyundai has improved the quality of their cars. Be prepared, haha! Still, it worked out well last night, so much so that I fell asleep and dreamt about last night. How fucking "meta" is that?

So yeah, about that title of this post...I really needed a kick in the ass which was provided and Goddamn, really, I feel re-newed, like falling in love all over again WITH EVERYTHING. Music, friends, art, whiskey, my leather couch, it all made so much more sense that I'm completely failing at describing my thoughts right now.

But yet here I am, at 7:30AM, burning Nag Champa and sipping on Orange Juice, happy as a fucking clam could ever be, and mostly sober-ish! If you're feeling down or depressed, Dr. Justin highly recommends rolling your fucking nuts off. It'll turn shit around right quick, yo.


Sam. I. Am. said...

what was it you actually took??

borg_queen said...

Well, Obama's just a puppet. A smart one at that.

Dean Grey said...

*slaps hand to forehead*

I'm glad it was a happy experience for you, Justin, even if it was just temporary.

But falling in love with the rest of the world sure sounds lovely!


jason said...

off topic, perhaps...but wow...that's a great living room

Dean Grey said...

Oh, and I agree with Jason too. I love what you've done to the living room, Justin!

I especially LOVE the placement of the lamp within the cabinet, underneath the TV. (Very unique!)

It creates a gorgeous glow and cleverly reflects off the mirror in the fireplace!

Relaxing and dare I say romantic even?!


Windy City Sex blog said...

Hwy Justin. I'm surprised that it is as clean as it is. I pegged you as messy.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. I haven't 'rolled' in a long time, and my partner who I did it with is gone and I don't know if I could ever do it again because of that...but I love that 'happy place' feeling. And I actually cherish the times we did it.