Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last year I was so depressed I actually took the course of action that involved medical attention, specifically in the form of Lexapro (ugh, that happy looking couple can die in a furious car accident), and I never attended the therapy sessions I was prescribed.

But what I did learn, or rather, altered, is that when I'm sad, depressed, pissed off or whatever, is that no bad shit gets, emotionally, it's important NOT TO HOLD THAT SHIT IN. It can be embarrassing, and occasionally humiliating to express sadness; but what I've come to learn is that it's better to let it out rather than let it fester.

So I have my moments of weakness, and I do my best to relay these feelings, and then I move on, which is where I am now, as opposed to yesterday. I might self medicate with smoking and/or drinking, but goddamn, it allows me to speak up and express myself, instead of taking pills and being so placid I can't SPEAK THE FUCK UP.

When I'm alone I often get down and/or over think shit. But when I'm social I'm positively gregarious. I fucking love the shit out of my friends, and consider myself so lucky to have so many, awesome, awesome buddies and lady friends. I've got a lot to live for, and fully intend on sticking around/pissing people people off, haha!

You all are gonna have to deal with me for a long time; I'm not going anywhere, bitches. I realize I'm anything BUT perfect, flawed even, however I have a good heart and a sound mind. And I honestly love you all.


Aaron said...

Lol fuck nuts! I can see where this is going to lead to - although I could be well surprised. Haha.

Well, Justin, just remember that whatever it is, you come first and mental health is a lot like physical health. If you're sick, you need the medications and therapies you should get to get better. :) As much as the stigma with mental health goes, don't give a shit too much about it really.

Sam. I. Am. said...


sorry, I had a huge comment written and it lost it >:/

but anyway.

this is SO Irish. Irish men do not talk about how their feeling. ever.

It's easier getting blood from a turnip, quite frankly.

and justin, we love you too. I just noticed I'm wearing a cubs tee you sent me too ;)

JUSTIN said...

@Aaron - I want to see Australia with my own eyes so very badly!

@Sam - rock that shit with pride; the fact you're wearing it at all makes me happy.

Mind Of Mine said...

I don't mean this as fake online sentiment but i love you too!

Victor said...

"I realize I'm anything BUT perfect, flawed even"

Join the club. So is every human on earth.


Mike said...

Well said!!!

jason said...


Dean Grey said...


I'm glad things have turned around for you!

Keep this week in mind so that when you have a bad day(s) in the future (and you WILL) you'll remember that you got through it before and you CAN get through it again.

Thanks for sticking around!