Thursday, December 17, 2009


Living with hot doctor guy has been great; we've had a good run but our time together is drawing to a close, and he is moving out at the end of the month. And although I still like him and all, I'm really looking forward to my NEW Roomie moving in!

Roomie the 4th hails from middle of no-where Missouri, he's 28 years old and an ex-Marine. And get this: he's a Cubs fan! Even better is that one of his best friends lives right around the corner from my place.

It's been odd between hot doctor Roomie and I for a few months now; I'm not sure if he's depressed, or still freaked out after seeing me naked, but he's been very withdrawn. He works like crazy and when he comes home he pretty much hides in his bedroom. Days go by where we don't even talk or see one another.

So - it will be good to live with someone I can actually hang out with, have some beers and smoke cigarettes, etc. Subletting is basically a financial arrangement, and I don't need to be best friends with who I live with, but someone a bit more social would be welcome.


Dean Grey said...


I hope things run smoothly with Roomie the 4th.

How funny. He most assuredly will be the subject of your future blogposts and not even know it!

Hee hee hee

Let the adventures begin!


Aaron said...

wow!! i love friendly housemates! my housemates are moving out next year so im in the process of looking for new housemates or find a new place.