Thursday, November 5, 2009


One thing I seem to have forgot to mention in my prior post, was the answer I gave when asked (subconsciously) was what my Halloween costume was. After a moment's appeared in my mind...A Disinterested Doorman in a Trendy Neighborhood. SCARY! Actually, what was scary is that I busted out a H&M stripped shirt (orange & black - Freddy style) from last season! EEEK!

OK, so I'm just fucking around about that being scary. What was a bit on the SCARY side was the conversation that followed the day after, on Sunday. While on the phone with my Father, he asked: "have you had a flu shot yet"? To which I replied: "...uh, fuck no...never had one...why would I?" Honestly, I never even considered it.

Fast forward a few hours post the awful Bear's game (UGH) and I was in bed around 10PM. That's always a bad sign when I'm asleep at that early of an hour. The next morning, my eyes flutter open 'round about 8AM...and...HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I jumped out of bed, sprinted to the bathroom and promptly did my best impersonation of the girl from "The Exorcist":

Assuming you'd rather not read about the contents of my stomach that almost went into the toilet/sink/waste basket/floor, let's just say it wasn't pretty, and I only today finished cleaning up the mess. Sweet Jesus. I spent the next 48+ hours writhing in bed, sweating, shivering, aching, bitching and sipping on water. It was quite a roller coaster ride. And I'm grateful no one besides myself had to visually experience it.

OH - and I'm MUCH better now! Thanks, Dad!


Aaron said...

Ouch - my best friend just went through that 2 weeks ago and a week later, even though he's feeling a hell lot better, he was still suffering from the symptoms of it. I hope you're really OK!

Cockbag LLC said...

I visited the porcelain god about 1130pm Halloween night too but for other reasons. It was not pretty either and spent most of Sunday sleeping and rehydrating myself.

Mind Of Mine said...

I genuinely believe that if your Father had not made you think of the flu you would not have caught it.

S J D said...

congratulations on your new weight loss plan!

Dean Grey said...

It sure didn't sound fun!

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, Justin!

-Dean (^_^)