Monday, November 2, 2009


HOLY SHIT! Working on Halloween sucks! Checking ID's when people are wearing costumes is not cool. Nor is not having your manager not there to back you up, and really not good is having the "stand in" manager leave at 1AM...and then...daylight savings! UGH X 10! I'm sitting there thinking "oh, it's only another hour or so" but after we "fell back", and gained another hour, we stayed open LATE. 7 hours of this bullshit I dealt with. And people were FUCKED up. One dude passed out cold and I feared he would piss on the couch he was sprawled out on. And at one point it was raining fake body parts, courtesy of the assholes throwing a party above the bar. Also...OK, sorry, I just un-flipped my bitch switch. I'll stop!

PS - But yeah, I didn't arrive home until 6AM! Not fucking cool!


Mind Of Mine said...

I always wondered what happens when someone is wearing a shit load of face make up and tries to enter a bar.

Could you be even bothered to check properly?

Dean Grey said...


Who knew gaining an extra hour (D.S.T.) would mean working an extra hour!!

Sounds like you got more tricks than treats on Halloween!


Marc Thomas said...

I like the blog. Chciago area here too and just started my blog

Still trying out how to do this blog thing.

Stephen Chapman... said...

Dont you just hate it when fake body parts spoil your day?!