Friday, November 6, 2009


Do you remember the first time(s) you walked into a drug store or a Wal-Mart or whatever and bought condoms, and it you felt all weird about it? I did too. Ugh, and buying lube, I'd always buy something else to obscure these items from the people that might be in front or behind me in line. God...I'm such a Catholic.

Anyways, I could give a fuck about purchasing such items anymore; that being said, I was at Target today (and on a whim I got an eye exam - no fucking shit - and got contacts! WOOT) and the single item in my cart that caused me to be embarrassed was this:

Allow me to try to hair seems to mirror the phases of the moon, and I'm sick of it being so short all the time. It's been 6+ weeks since it was last cut, and it's in the 'in-between" phase and I thought this might help. I wondered the hair care aisle for far too long and this was the logical conclusion I came to.

If I don't get it at least trimmed by Thanksgiving, I'm sure someone will tell me my hair is pissing them off (my best guess is my future sister-in-law), but for now, I'm going with it.


Sam. I. Am. said...

funnily enough, the Irish were like that too. you couldn't buy condoms here until 1978 because the catholic state simply wouldn't have that!

Dean Grey said...


I initially read this post too fast and thought you were buying lube for your hair! Whew, glad I was wrong.

You actually look a lot better with your hair grown out IMHO.


Aaron said...

LOL!!! why would anyone name their hair gel that name?! ll