Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yes, It's nearly 5am and I'm up and writing. So what? Who cares [tugs collar]? Yeah, these late nights are making my late nights...later. Anyways, tonight at work I had an uncomfortable discussion about...a certain part of the female anatomy that begins with the letter "P" and ends with the letter "Y".

Reason was, one of the bartenders, who is recently married and was bored, and during his brief interlude, over a cigarette, we got on the subject of getting laid. 2 things dawned on me:

-I'm still not out to these mostly hyper masculine (but cool) dudes at work.

-And damn, I need to get fucking laid, like 15 fucking minutes ago.

But yeah, either way, ugh, should I come out to my co-workers? That might strike you as an obvious "YES", but really, does it matter? I dunno. It's a minor dilemma, but one that has kept my mind buzzing at nearly daybreak.

At the least, I wonder if it would change their level of "discourse". Also, most of these guys are my brother's buddies; has he purposely not informed them of status? Perhaps it just never came up.

Also, it's like 35 degrees. What the WHAT? Already!? SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT SON.

PS - The title refers to how I apparently pronounce the word.


Jackdaw said...

I think it's a bit silly not to be out to your co-workers when you're out to your friends and family. You can't be completely yourself when you're not completely out to the people who think they know you. Ah, you think you can be yourself around them? So, then why are you thinking about this at five in the morning?

Devyn said...

Personally I try not to pronounce the word, unless it is followed by willow or cat.
Coming out will certainly change the dynamics, it becomes a question of your level of comfort and accepting that they may not be quite as accepting as you would like. But I understand why it would be important.

The New Me said...

Coming out at work, tough call. Personal decision.

For myself, if they ask I answer, otherwise...

Of course, if those who inquire are students I tell them to mind their own damn business.

Push-Say? Interesting.

S J D said...

So you're Sean Connery. That's cool. Also thank for your support. Furthermore ... I'm with The New Me in terms of work disclosure.

JUSTIN said...

Well, it's not that they would care or I would if they's just that after 9 months, I don't know how to tell them without it being totally fucking random/weird/unconformable for both parties. Ya know?

Dean Grey said...


The people that frequent the bar you work at are "mixed", correct? By that I mean, you get straight and some gay customers, right?

If so, I can't imagine why the bar staff wouldn't be cool with it.

Have they ever made derogatory gay remarks before?

Why come out unless it comes up in a natural conversation? Did any of them tell you they're straight?

"Push-say", huh? Since when did you develop a lisp?


Anonymous said...

After just attending the Out & Equal conference, I say come out! The reasons are too many to count, but as it was mentioned, you can't be completely yourself without them knowing. The one thing I didn't learn is how to come out and not have it be awkward, so best of luck! ;) Also, it is National Coming Out Day today!

Thomas said...

Ya know what word is even better than Pussy?

All had better regret the rest of the night when someone reminds my drunken self of that word.