Saturday, October 10, 2009


This afternoon I was driving over to pick up groceries, when I noticed a familiar man jogging down a side street near my apartment. He was rocking a black track suit and had an unmistakable head of hair. Could it be...wait really...HOLY FUCKING SHIT! None other than Illinois' disgraced former governor: ROD BLAGOJEVICH!

I wasn't 100% sure at first, until, that is, after I pulled to the side of the street, and he issued me a curious sidelong glance almost exactly like the one featured above (I love these murals, some guy has been putting up all over Chicago in the last year).

What surprises me even more is that I haven't spotted him yet. His personal residence is in the 'hood near mine, and 2 months ago I went on a bike ride with the intention of finding his house (not sure if I did or not - I was looking for a cadre of black security SUV's, but maybe he no longer enjoys that benefit).

Regardless...I got pictures! Albeit, crappy cell pictures I snapped while steering with my knee. But it's totally him. See that grainy figure dressed in black below? I think he was running away from yours truly. Or just jogging. Whatever.

Below is his left foot/sneaker.

I thought about rolling down the car window and shouting something obscene, but even I'm not that much of an asshole. Plus, even a disgraced former politician deserves to exercise in peace, right? I think he does. Although blogging about him jogging is totally OK.


Dean Grey said...

Weeeee, how exciting, Justin!

Crappy cell phone pictures is right! I guess we'll all have to take your word for it on this one.

Not to rain on your parade but I once walked past Barack Obama as he was leaving Whole Foods on Dearborn about two years before he ran for President!

Just sayin'!


ex-roomie said...

Which did you notice first? Ass? or hair?

S J D said...

listen, bitch; after this pre-quarter-life crisis, I fully plan on being one of those age queens who turns thirty again and again and again, thank you very much.

I think I'm more worried about other things and they just manifested themselves in my complete lack of having thought of an appropriate rager for my birthday event.

Bruce said...

Yeap, that's him alright. Great pics Justin!!

Thomas said...

You should have totally ran him down and ripped off a chunk of his glorious, glorious hair.

JUSTIN said... I mentioned to you before, I first thought "hey, that guy has a great ass! But then realized who it was...and then noticed the glorious, glorious flowing hair!"

@Thomas: Had I ran him down we wouldn't get to experience his trial! Or his glorious, glorious hair!