Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yeah, another one of these posts. I'm sure you're as sick of reading them as I am of writing them, but hey, fuck it! If you want fresh/sexy material, feel free to read Pierre Fitch's blog. His abuse of emoti-cons is borderline criminal. But if you can get past that, and his empty-headed prose, there are some NICE pictures on there of him and his ever changing array of companions.

SO! It's been just over 4 weeks and I'm still jerking off with my left hand. Fuck. Me. Yesterday I had my 2nd follow-up appointment, which I was lead to believe would include a consultation with an Orthopedic doctor who specifically specializes in shoulders. Off to Cook County Hospital I went...where I sat for 30 minutes, and then was told to go to the Radiology department, where I waited 2 hours before yours truly was called.

This might seem petty, but after I checked in there I purposely choose a corner where no one else was sitting, so I could read and writhe in agony in relative peace.

Minutes later, a vaguely Eastern European couple wandered over, soon followed by another Eastern European man on crutches. They thoughtfully sat on either side of me and continued TO FUCKING TALK AS LOUD AS THEY COULD in their native language. Jesus C. I thought I was going to have a panic attack. But a potential crisis was averted after I got up and moved as far, Far, FAR away from them as I could. Can't you assholes see I'm trying to read Entertainment Weekly? Pffffft.

Anywho, when my name was finally called I practically ran up to the person holding my papers, and swiftly followed him into a room outfitted with GE's finest Radiological equipment. 2 quick snaps and the technician said "ok, that's it". Really? Whatever, I sat down in a chair and waited for him to give me further instruction.

10 minutes later I'm still sitting there with my thumb up my ass, and so I went to look for him behind the wall partition...and HE'S GONE. WTF? I wandered out to the Radiology department's check-in desk, where no less than 5 people pretended I didn't exist.

Finally, a random doctor asked me if I needed anything. I explained I had just gotten some X-Rays and wasn't sure what to do next, especially since I thought I would be directed to see a proper doctor. NOPE! He told me to go home. In regards to my X-Ray results, he gave me the whole "don't call us, we'll call you" thing. Bitch please!

UGH, I'm so fucking frustrated, and in constant fucking pain.


Cockbag LLC said...

I think it's time for amputation. I know a guy that would be a perfect fit for you then too!

Thomas said...

Radiology technicians are stereotypically the most relaxed people ever. I guess you got one who decided to go take a nap in the dark room.

Argh, it kills me to see you read more of Fitch's blog. LITTLE STABS TO MY HEART.

JUSTIN said...

@Cockbag: You can keep/have him(s)!

@Thomas: His very presence on this earth annoys the living shit out of me. Can't you do something?

Dean Grey said...


I don't want to worry you but your arm/shoulder does seem to be taking an unusually long time to heal.

You might have to shell out some money and see a real doctor at a real hospital.

I'm hoping when you finally do get called back it'll be with good news!


Dean Grey said...

P.S.: [Mental note to self] Do not shake Justin's left hand!!