Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The last few weeks have been absolutely miserable in Chicago. The vast majority of the days have been dark, wet and cold (kinda like Rush Limbaugh's soul) but today...WHOA! Sunny, dry and nearly 70 degrees!

It's amazing, although not surprising how the weather affects people here. Just walking down the street the change is apparent on the faces of nearly everyone you pass. People actually make eye contact and smile, rather than shooting you a suspicious look. It's a welcome change, no matter how temporary.

It won't last long...anyone familiar with the weather patterns of the Midwest knows that the weather is about to fuck us in the collective ass at a moments notice. And dear Gawd, after the "Summer" we had, this winter is bound to beat us like we owe it money.


But today...HOORAY!


Dean Grey said...


This God-forsaken weather made me nauseous!

I tried pulling my hooded jacket over my head but the unusually warm day today forced me to bask in that sickening sun! Ughh!

But I have the last laugh because as you mentioned this won't last long.

Welcome back chilly, rainy weather! Heeheehahahheeeheeehahahha!!!


Cockbag LLC said...

They smile because they are trying to be sympathetic to your's shitsville in the STL today---rain all day which means I will be raking leaves in the very near future. ARGH BRAH!

Anonymous said...


I blame you directly for having jinxed it yesterday and caused today's weather. Yes, it's all your fault, how does that make you feel?

Hahaha just kidding! Hope you had a good day despite all the rain.

x's and o's,

A-Gay in Chi

JUSTIN said...

Oh, I totally spoke too soon in regards to the weather. That being said, I had a great day! The arm seems to have turned the corner and feels so MUCH better. It's so nice not to be in agonizing pain.