Friday, July 10, 2009


Earlier this afternoon I headed over to my buddy's place, so that I could give him and another of our buddies a ride to the airport (they're going to Vegas...assholes!). Any who, they were both equally disheveled from the prior evening's activities as well as the excitement that comes with the attendant nervous anticipation that you are about to have a fucking crazy weekend in Vegas.

Anyways...we were getting ready to depart when the following conversation took place:

ME: "So...which way should we take to O'Hare? The Kennedy or Northwest highway?"
FRIEND #1: "Oh, well, I can drive us there."
ME: "OK...I just thought I was driving you guys..."
FRIEND #1: "No, it's cool, I'll drive, unless you really want to drive."
ME: "I don't give a shit if I drive or not. You can drive, it's your car anyways."
FRIEND #1: "Yeah, no I'll drive. It's all good. [LONG PAUSE] Although I have been drinking Greyhounds for 2 hours."
ME: "I'll drive. It's not a problem."
FRIEND #1: "You sure...I mean, I can drive."
FRIEND #2: (exists bathroom) "What the fuck are you 2 fucking idiots talking about?"
ME & FRIEND #1: (at the same time) "DRIVING!"

Oh, man. When the three of us get together, we become some sort of half baked characters from a shitty Harold Ramis movie. Perhaps to counter program against the awfulness of NYC Prep, I'll pitch the WB a reality show called "CHI-TOWN Morons".


Dean Grey said...

So who drove?


Jason Smith said...

This really made me laugh my ass off. Haha...I want to know who drove too?


JUSTIN said...

I did! And on my way home I rocked the Chronic 2001. WOOT!