Thursday, July 23, 2009


SO! My beloved Cubs have been fucking up this year (although I still think we'll win the division - sorry Card's, Astro's and Brewers fans, but you're bound to implode). Any who...Rich Harden has been inconsistent and such, but his ass is still amazing. Like, does one achieve an ass like his? Must be genetics. Sorry for the lazy post, but I had a late night, and I'm tired. In the meantime, enjoy the gratuitous ass shots!

If there is a better ass in baseball, I'd like to know who it belongs too!


Pat said...

Agreed. As a Phillies fan I certainly enjoyed his start against the Phils. One because the Phillies lost and two, because of Harden arse.

Dean Grey said...


I was all excited to scroll down and see some ass but was saddened to see Rich Harden was still wearing clothing!

That will never do!

Comparing his face with his rear, I say Rich Harden's behind is better looking.

Mind you, he's a nice looking man, just his ass looks nicer.

Next time we need fully nude shots!!!!


The New Me said...

Zach Greinke. Best ass in baseball.



Really sweet guy too.

J Catlow-Shea said...

SO not a baseball fan but thanks to your blog I am now a fan of that ass! Wow...

I'd say about 75% genetics and 25% training to get that beauty...

jason said...


Jay said...

now that is a nice ass!