Saturday, July 25, 2009


FUCK! The end of July is already approaching. This just occurred to me. For whatever reason (i.e. I know the exact reason, not having a full-time job), I keep losing track of time. Although not nearly as badly as this FUCKING CREEPY GUY that had to deal with while at work last night. First off, he just looked like bad news.

And whenever a stranger starts a conversation with you that begins "I just got out of prison" it's not a good sign. Nor was the second thing he said, which was "...and I really want to beat the fucking shit out of some dude...". Right. The conversation then continued as he asked me what day it was. Since I was working, I was damn sure it was Friday, but he insisted it was Thursday. I assured him he was incorrect, which was a mistake as that seemed to agitate him.

Eventually, he dropped it, but then he began to hit on the woman to my left whom I was speaking with. "Is that your girl?" he asked while trying to paw her hand to look at her ring. Again, not good, I sorta shooed her inside...and then these smoking hot blonds came by. UGH. I didn't even look at their ID's and told them to get into the bar.

Even 2 big dudes smoking out front seemed scared shitless of this creep, but since I'm the Doorman everyone, gently waltzed inside to get away from this dude, and I had to stand there and NOT let him into the bar. UGH. Fun. For readers that don't know, I am not a big guy. I'm about 5'10" and 155lbs soaking needless to say this guy could have torn me in two. Scary, to say the least. Nice though for 2 of the DJ's to provide me backup, should creepy dude return, although that was after I got him to leave. Thanks guys!

I do not get paid enough to put up with this shit. Such is life.


Dean Grey said...

Be careful out there, Justin!

Just in case we never hear from you was nice knowing you!


Anonymous said...

You gotta learn how to use a sharpened screw driver.