Friday, April 17, 2009


In addition to my not-secret love of Grady Sizemore, I've been harboring another crush, one I've kept more "secret"...on JOHNNY LANG! Not only does he possess a voice capable of bringing me to my knees (haha), he's just mind-blowingly hot. 

He was on Leno tonight, and holy fucking shit, he looked so good, and sounded even better. He's looks like he should be in a lame-ass boy band, but sounds like an 80 year old, world-weary man (a quality I seek out in men, to be honest). 

He is a genetic mistake, in that such a talented musician should not be allowed to be so talented and this fuckin' hot. I'm usually distrustful of physically attractive musicians, and yet, somehow he escapes this paradox. People this lucky usually piss me the hell off...but I'll continue to let him slide; now he just needs to confirm his love/lust for me and the world will regain it's balance.   


Curt said...
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Billy said...

Oh no, I will cut you. I have had a crush on JL for a while now. Seriously, when I hear "Lie To Me", I sorta get all tingly inside.

Thomas said...

I think my pants accidentally came off while listening to that song.

ex-roomie said...
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Dean Grey said...

I have to agree with ex-roomie here.

Johnny Lang looks a bit "off" from certain angles. And that voice just doesn't do it for me. Sorry, not my kind of music.

Oh well, to each his own. I guess we all have a certain "type" we're drawn to.


JUSTIN said...

@ Ex-Roomie & Dean: It completely makes sense to me that neither of you find my imaginary BF attractive...because you are both blind as shit! Haha, kidding.

dailybriefing said...

he's my cousin.

Dean Grey said...


Well not only am I blind as shit but I must be extremely tone deaf too. I just couldn't get past the first 15 seconds of that video clip.


The main thing is that your imaginary boyfriend makes you happy, right? I'm sure his imaginary kisses are wonderful and the imaginary sex the two of you have is just mind blowing.

Pretty soon you'll both move in together and get an imaginary dog that you'll raise as if it were a child.

The best of luck to you both! (Haha, back ya!)

-Dean (^_^)

borg_queen said...

[oprah]I see GAYNESSSSS!!![/oprah]