Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last week I fucked up plans that I made with my Roomie; I thought be bought tix for Monday, aka, the HOME OPENER. not true, instead he bought us tix for the game on Wednesday. AWESOME, right? The wrench in this plan was my brother, who also bought me a ticket for Wednesday's game.  

I'm actually glad I didn't buy tix for today's game; when I woke up it was 34 degrees and raining. Typical opening day weather. I didn't bother to awake Roomie, but when he did in fact wake up, almost in perfect time with the delayed first pitch at 2:30, I suggested we go to Crew

This is usually my favorite place to see a baseball game; maybe it was the weather, but the place was beat. After paying for our first round, we decided to head for greener pastures, and headed down to Wrigleyville.

Minutes after we exited the L station, I was accosted by a DUDE selling tix. At this time it was the top of the 3rd inning, but I acquired a pair of Upper Deck box seats (retail price: $60 each) for $16 and a Camel Light. Fucking A! These were AWESOME SEATS!

It was cold as shit, but I FINALLY broke my opening day cherry! We won too; beat the Rox 4-0. Tomorrow, Hot Roomie wants to hit up the batting cages, and then I got tix for the game on Wednesday w/ my bro! WOOT! It's not even 2 weeks into the season, and I'm already seeing 2 more games then I did last year.

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Windy City Sex blog said...

The Cubs just like a man will screw up, break your heart and expect you to stay.