Saturday, March 7, 2009


This morning I awoke to a pleasant susprise: a link to last night's Phish show! A little history, in high school and college I spent un-godly amounts of money following this band all over the place and I'd estimate I've seen them about 40 or so times. Anyways, I swore off Phish in 2002 after a string of shitty shows and haven't even listened to them in years. So I was pleasantly sursprised that after a five year hiatus they seem to be back in top form. That or I'm just really bored since I listened to the entire 4 HOUR CONCERT they plated last night. Man, that must have been fun (see below).

Although the main reason to see a Phish show was for the music (ok let's be honest here kids, the drugs were fun too) I also went for the amzing light show. Case in point, the video below is atply titled "13 Seconds of Insanity":


Oh, acid flash backs. If you're interested in listening to last night's show, go here.

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Anonymous said...

Saturday was better, and Sunday is the FUCKING JOINT!!! Holy God, I am so having a brief but torrid affair with Phish this summer.