Saturday, February 28, 2009


Some might remember the girl that was deemed too fucked up to remain in the bar I work at, thus she had to go. Well, last night her and her friend were back. Initiailly I wouldn't let them in, until drunk/crazy/bitch officially apologized to me for her earlier behavior. She also pointed out that she wasn't wearing heels, so after conferring with my manager I let them in.

And  they behaved! Well, mostly. The drunk/crazy/bitch girl's friend openly admittted to me that she was "rolling her nuts off" while petting my jacket. Then she asked me for my number. I just laughed in her face but then explained that we "don't play for the same team". HAHA - she thought I was just being a dick!

Anyways, I was sursprised to learn that people still employ the use of KNIVES to smoke pot with. I was re-taught this techinque at an "after-party" of sorts last night. Wow, that brought me back to 1997 or so. I left soon after though...I'm too old for that shit.  

If anyone has no clue what "knives" are, this is a handy tutorial:


DC Guy said...

wow, that is way too much work. Whatever happened to making a bowl in pottery class and trying to pass it off as a flower pot?

Sam said...

I'd cut myself on the bottle.

Do you American kids not know how to roll a joint any more?! I'm fuckin pro!

Gabrielle Angel said...

You ever run into Oprah on Michigan Avenue. She's porked up again. What happened to that cute chief she promoted so much a few years ago? I bet she's eating Hostess Twinkies now.

JUSTIN said...

...I'm not up to date on O's food makers. Sorry!