Friday, August 15, 2008


I had a rather productive evening last night and took care of a few things. Let’s review…

-Laundry…2 loads of clothes and my sheets.

-Cleaned out the fridge (it smelled like something died in there).

-Stocked up on 2 vital “food” groups…Budweiser and Evan Williams whiskey.

-Caved in and ordered digital cable from Comcast…no more missed Cubs games for me!

-Balanced my checkbook (found extra money! WOOT!).

-Paid all my bills (there’s goes that extra found money).

-Acquired a particularly strong strain of a certain plant-like substance.

-Shredded 2 months worth of credit card offers.

-Took out all the trash and recycling.

-Dusted like I was high on meth (although in reality I was just stoned).

-Watched the Cubs sweep the Atlanta Braves…watch out Florida Marlins, you’re next on my boys’ hit list (sorry VJ)!

-Called my landlord about my leaky toilet (he promises to fix it today).

-Dropped off my dry cleaning (finally).

Things I didn’t do:

-Go to the gym.

-Call my Mom.

-Blow Grady Sizemore.

Well, that about covers it. I think this makes up for being a lazy piece of shit for most of the week. Happy Friday!


H. Alan Scott said...

I need a productive night, badly!

borg_queen said...

What happened to your July blogger summit? Did it push through?

Chicago's Bi Guy said...

Wow all of this was for one night.. this is a entire week worth of stuff for me.. That must have been some good "plant" substance you had.

Nolan said...

Evan Williams whiskey! That's a classy girl.