Friday, August 15, 2008


A few days ago my internet connection disappeared. In vain, I tried that whole "unplug the modem and wait 30 seconds" bit, but to no avail. Staring at the dark "online" indicator light on the modem, I called Comcast, who determined that I needed someone to come out and check my connection. Grrrrrrh.

Then and hour or so later the little "online" indicator light magically sprung to life, and I took my head out of the oven. Whew! That was close. Anyways, I called Comcast back to cancel the service call. At the end of the call the nice lady on the phone said:

NICE LADY ON THE PHONE: "Mr. Justin, I see that you only have the basic cable TV package. Would you be interested in upgrading your service"?
ME: "Actually, I was thinking of canceling the TV service altogether seeing as I never watch it".
NICE LADY ON THE PHONE: "Well, you know if you cancel your TV service, the cost of your internet service with increase by $12 and you'll lose some speed on the connection".

She had me by the balls. How bullshit is that deal? Either I pay more money for slower internet or I pay more money to upgrade to digital cable. But then I thought about it for a second. The Cubs are kicking serious fucking ass, and most likely will make the playoffs. Seeing as there are almost never games on WGN anymore, I gave in.

But it's not that bad. I'm only paying $20 more a month, and instead of getting 25 useless channels (MSNBC anyone?) I now have command of 150+ glorious channels, most of which I am sure will be broadcasting complete and utter shit.

But then again...I have the Cubs game on in the other room, and this makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

dude, msnbc worthless?! as a political junkie, you shoud check it out more often. Chuck Todd's First Read presented on Morning Joe, David Grefory's Race for the White House, Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman. As a young, gay, informed junkie om the northside, this is where i turn to hear a bit of sarcasm but a lot of truth. you shoud give it a shout....

Cockbag LLC said...

Cubs fan? This Cards fan forgives you and yes I know where you are in the standings.

dan said...

hey justin, at least with a roomie around it will keep you getting out of the place once in a while and not sitting in front of all them channels too much. ha
I plan to remain cable-less when I get back to okc, but I will break down and get a cell phone I've decided. later.