Friday, August 22, 2008


The New Roomie has arrived! Initial thoughts...he seems cool, laid back and perhaps a little bit in awe of living in Da Big City. When he first stepped in my place last night, he was looking around, all wide eyed and said "wow, I've never not lived on the 1st floor before!"

He split soon after, and hung out in Wrigleyville with his local friend, and I met my friends at a bar for dinner. After dinner, my friends and I decided to come back to my place to "party with our Canadian friend" as my friend so eloquently refers to as getting high (I have no idea why he says this, but he was probably really high the first time he did).

Anyways, we were drinking and smoking when New Roomie came home with an air bed he's borrowing from someone. I wasn't sure how he would react to my friends. I mean, "C" is a big, intimidating hulk of a man with a Mohawk and "Tex" has a thick Texarcana drawl and sideburns that fat Elvis would have killed for.

And then my "sorta kinda guy" (a guy I've been seeing very casually for a few weeks, we like having "sleepovers") texts me and wants to stop by. Well, why the hell not? I figure New Roomie needs to meet him at some point anyways.

So "Nipple Rings" (my not so creative or subtle name for this guy) walks in. He's skinny, a bit shorter than me, adorable black kid (he's only 22, thus still a kid in my mind) walks in and we embrace, me drunkly planting a kiss on his neck.

Welcome to living with me! To New Roomie's credit, he took it all in stride, and didn't mind that Nipple Rings stayed the night. So far, so good.


Cockbag LLC said...

Well if you had told him you were straight and hated Canadians I think he would be mad/confused but I am sure you were up front.

Anonymous said...


james said...

maybe its your canadian friend because the canadian flag has a big ... leaf on it???

as matthew mcconaghey would say, 'awright, awright, awrighhhhtttt...'