Wednesday, August 6, 2008


About a week or so ago I posted with the headline "I'm A Very Happy Boy!". Of course, my happiness (temporary as it was) stemmed from a guy I briefly dated and having reconnected with. After our awesome date, I was feeling very good, very positive. All week I had a dopey grin on my face and a literal "spring" in my step.

Now, seeing as how our last excuse for "dating" went I wasn't putting too much stock in things going forward. Still, we talked on and off during the week, and made vague plans to hang out on that weekend. And since every time we went out we ended back at my place, I was eager to see his place, and hang out in his 'hood.

On Thursday he mentioned how me might have to get up early on Saturday morning to hang out with his sister, his husband and their kid. No problem. Saturday Night would work for me too. Well, on Saturday he calls and says he has a birthday party to go to in the suburbs, and because he was relying on friends for a ride, he might not get back until late.

Needless to say, I made other plans, and he never got back to me. Although I was reluctant, I wasn't going to hold anything against him, and texted him the next day to see if he wanted to chill sometime "soon". Well, again, not surprisingly, he never responded.

Believe me when I say I'm not surprised, or offended and defiantly not sad about it. It just seems illogical to me that someone would randomly express interest in me, than leave me hanging. Had he called me and said "hey, you know, you're a totally unattractive foul mouthed asshole, fuck you and die a slow death". That I could deal least I would know where I stood, rather than being stuck in gay limbo.


devyn said...

I have been stuck in that limbo a few too many times.... Men are pigs!!! Wait a minute... I am a man... I'll shut up now.

Nolan said...

Fuck him. You're gonna meet a crap load of boys this weekend at Marketdays. When it comes to being left hanging all I got to say is...."next".

Silly Billy said...

Oh brother, I hear you. I think the gay limbo thing is the worst. But you know what, I am sure you will have extra fun this weekend, so it won't matter

Anonymous said...

gay men are such flakes! this has happened to me a few times (and to my friends many times) the same time i've been guilty of being a flake too.

borg_queen said...

Did you know how Caroline Bisset got JFK Jr? By feigning disinterest.

dollar said...

I really dislike your new banner at the top.

I'm just sayin'.

Sorry, but I do.