Saturday, August 9, 2008


My big bro turned 32 last night, and to celebrate we went drinking (obviously). His friends gave me a lift, and on the way to the bar, Dan (one of my bro's friends) mentioned that he was going to invite a bunch of his buddies to join us. I jokingly said "I hope they're hot and at least one of them is gay".

Fast forward an hour and 3 Bell's Oberon later (so fucking psyched my favorite beer is back in the CHI!) and four guys, I shit you not, all smokin' hot walk in. Oh, and one of the hot boys brought his hot girl. Immediately, I recognized one of them...this guy who I'll refer to as Joey.

"Joey" used to work at my very gay gym at the front desk. I always thought he was cute, and he always seemed really he remembered my name and always greeted me as such. Although he isn't obviously "gay", I always pegged him as a 'mo. My initial suspicion was confirmed, on more than one occasion, when I spotted him at various bars in Boystown.

Well, when he walked in to the bar last night, he said his hello's to his friends, and then made a beeline towards me. "Hi Justin!". Shit, he remembered my name! This in spite of the fact that he was already wasted from drinking all night playing "bags" with his stud-like straight friends.

We talked on and off all night, smoked cigs and eye-fucked one another. Towards the end of the night, I could tell he was fading, but before he left he offered me his number, and I did the same with mine (duh!). WOOT! I am SO getting Joey naked in the near future.

Speaking of getting guys naked...guess who wants to hang out tonight? Yup...Tony. I was reluctant to commit to make plans with him tonight, but I figured that if he flakes out I can always hit up Market Days. Or hang out with the other guy I've been casually seeing, who just left my place this very morning.

Seeing as I'm a bit boy crazy right now, let's throw in some random hot eye candy...

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