Sunday, August 24, 2008


A few weeks ago I posted about "re-meeting" this guy that used to work at my gym, and just so happens to be friends with a friend of my brother's (and no one commented...bitches! haha).

Well, just to reiterate, "Joey" used to work at my gym for about 6 months, and for that exact period of time I would fantasize about this boy, as I became quite...fond of him.

And then he vanished, presumably for a better job. Then he showed up randomly at a bar I was at to celebrate my bro's birthday, thus how me "re-met".

Fast forward to yesterday morning. I'm all hungover and shit, listening to NIN on my headphones, sitting in my boxers, when I get a text from Joey: "hey justin want to go to hollywood beach today?".

H'Wood Beach is the "gay" beach in Chicago, It's not a nude beach or anything (although it's damn close with all the dudes sporting tiny thongs or just utilizing designer undies as swimsuits).

Obviously, I jumped at the invite, and even offered to pick him up despite the fact that it's totally out of my way.

Dude walks out wearing cute boardies and a tight t-shirt. Damn, he looked hot. Usually baggy shorts aren't flattering on guy's asses, but somehow they were on him. Hot.

So I sped down Lake Shore Drive, rocking some GZA, looking all awesome with my dumb $8 Target sunglasses with a hottie in the passenger seat. This would have been enough to make for a great day, but it was only the beginning.

Our day did not proceed as we had hoped though. Upon entering the beach, I noticed the Red Flag which means you can't swim in the lake because there is literally too much shit in the water.

No problem though, we laid out, smoked cigs, talked and sipped on the vodka/whatever juice thing he brought with. It was cool.

But then some big nasty rainclouds decided to show up, and it rained on our collective gay parade. I suggested that we go to a bar to wait out the storm, and next thing I know we're on our 4th round.

"I love drinking in the afternoon" he says and I wholeheartedly agreed. When he came back from the bathroom, he playfully rubbed the top of my freshly buzzed head. At that point, I knew this shit was ON.

We got the tab and headed back to his place. I thought I was just going to drop him off (he had a co-worker's birthday party to attend later that evening) but he wanted to chill. YES!

OK, dude has a fucking baby grand piano in his apartment. And stacks upon stacks of books, like everywhere. I liked very much what I saw.

We sit down on the couch, sip on some white wine (he was out of any decent sort of booze) and watched some stupid Cops-like show on Spike TV. During this time we made the slow "sitting next to a hot guy you want to fuck on a couch thing" and eventually, starting making out.

This quickly moved into the bedroom, and jesushchristonapopsiclestick, he gives amazing fucking head. I should probably spare the nitty gritty details, but we had a lot of fun...I also seem to have given him a massive hickey on his neck.

Oh, and he is like addicted to my tattoo and wouldn't stop touching/licking/kissing it. Gawd, this shit is the best $150 I ever done spent. I need to get another on my hip or something...

Not to be crude (but why not be) but I'm getting all hard just thinking about hanging out with him again. I feel like I hit the motherfucking gay lottery jackpot.


Cockbag LLC said...

Why can't I be that lucky. I got bad head and kicked up at 3am cause I wanted a good nights sleep.

dollar said...

Way to go!

julian. said...

He sounds like a hottie. Pursue if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

Don't spare us the nitty gritty details. We who live vicariously want to know!

Closet Frat Boy said...

Sounds awesome!

borg_queen said...

Don't spare the nitty gritty details, please!

Doghigh said...

Not to be crude but the nitty gritty details are what life is all about, baby. :-)

VpO said...

Rock on!

Hypnos said...

Amazing. Good luck!

dan said...

your're getting hard writing it, dang I'm hard just from reading it. yeah I've been there on the couch, getting closer... ha ha.
my favorite is " 8$ target sunglasses w/ a hottie in the next..." very awesome that dude called. oh and I'm jealous of the apt w/ a piano and stacks of books. that's what I'd want if I lived in chicago. later.

Chicago's Bi Guy said...

oh man.. no wonder I have not seen you in a few weeks... You'll have to give me details later when I see you. Which sould be this friday for Frat Boy Jock contest at Crew. You should get your boy to enter.