Monday, July 21, 2008


You know when you look forward to something for so long, and once it's over a slow, mild form of depression sets in? Whether it's a vacation, a visit from an old friend or a big event like Pitchfork (I promise, I'll stop referring to this fest after this post).

When I bought tickets for this particular even back in April, I couldn't wait for the weekend to come. But now that's it's over...I feel kind of empty. I always like having things to look forward to, something to push me through another shitty work week.

Maybe what I really miss is that feeling I get when i have a big weekend like the one I just had. All the usual rules of everyday life seem elastic, and staying up until 5AM or dropping a $100 on beer seems completely normal. It's like a little break from reality and although I may lament it's passing, I do feel strangely energized (mentally at least, physically I'm exhausted).

At least I had today to recover, and I got to see The Dark Knight, which totally kicked ass! But I wish when I wake up tomorrow that I wasn't going to my 9-5 grind. Now that my New Roomie situation is settled (I picked the straight guy) I really need to stop fucking around and look for a new job, one that doesn't inlove me losing a little piece of my soul one hour at a time.

Although I don't really know what it is I want to do for work next, ideally it won't involve working in an office environment. I'm totally disillusioned with the concept of doing something just for money. There has got to be something out for me in which I have something other than a paycheck to show for my time and energy.


Anonymous said...

Working for a paycheck and discontinuing pursuit of second rate bands is a part of growing up.

I know you hear about people loving their jobs, but in reality those situations are rare at best. Welcome to the world of grown ups.

JUSTIN said...

Thanks for the valuable lesson in how the world works, but I never meant to imply that I would be giving up working for a living in order to pursue "second rate bands". All I meant to convey is that I would like to find a line of work that affords me a modicum of satisfaction. I don't see how being unhappy in one's professional endeavors would contradict with the process of "growing up". Asshole.