Monday, June 9, 2008


As is the case in many other parts of the Midwest (jeez God - what did we do?) Chicago got fucking hammered this weekend with batshit-crazy storms. This morning was dark and the dreary looking streets were adorned with windswept foliage. And it was Monday morning - easily my least favorite time of any given week.

Thankfully work went by strangely fast. Upon returning home I had a nice little present waiting for me in my mailbox...the July edition of Automobile magazine. I still get all giddy and shit when I get car mags in the mail, and this one did not disappoint. The "cover model" was the new BMW M1 Homage prototype. This shit is sick!

That is one fine piece of car porn right there! It's so good looking it's almost ugly (sorta like Channing Tatum). Faithful to the original hotness, I think BMW did a fantastic job by updating the original late-70's Miami/Coke/Disco-ish version. Love the rims too. Please, if anyone in Munich is reading this, make it happen! Bitte build it!


K said...


I will not co-sign.

And baby...we usually agree! :(

shane said...

um, J, i think you mean: Bitte bauen Sie dieses hotasfuck Auto! (Oder sie werden meine unbegrenzte Wut fuehlen!)

yeah, and the D is experiencing the biblical weather too. i blame the gays for making baby jesus cry.

ex-roomie said...

That thing looks like a retarded cartoon Disney panther crossed with the worst of 80's futurism.

I say nay!