Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well, the grand experiment with living part-time with my Father seems to be drawing to an early, premature close. He's not going to be coming to Chicago every few weeks anymore, so it makes no sense for him to contribute towards my rent, as he has no real need for a place to crash in the CHI.

That means I need to find a new Roomie, and quick, as there is no way in hell I can afford to pay the full rent on my own and maintain the somewhat decadent lifestyle to which I have become accustomed. To make rent on my own, I would have to significantly curtail my social life, not buy new clothes/shoes or become a hustler, and none of these options are viable.

The situation is far from dire as I have until the end of July to figure my shit out. My first thought was to inquire amongst my friends about anyone they may now that needs a place, and I have one potential prospect at the moment. But if that falls through and no others develop, well, Hello Craiglist!

I could hit the Random Roomie Jackpot and find a cool guy or gal to share my place with, one whom does not me occasionally walking around in various states of undress and/or drunkenness, but I much prefer a known quantity, even if it's one that I don't know personally, but know through others. This should be an interesting plot twist for the Summer...

PS - It's so FUCKING HOT in Chicago right now. Ugh, I need a cold beer.

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james said...

have u considered putting a little ad up in or near your fave watering hole? could be productive. just don't put your phone # on it.