Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm not sold on it either. Not the concept, but my lame attempt to create a new blog nickname for my soon to be Former Roomie...and New Neighbor.

See, we've been living together for close to 3 years. That's a long time and although I won't get into the reasons we are no longer going to live together (hair in the shower drain, incessant alarm clocks, boyfriends that wear ponchos) this change is sure to be a positive one..

We've had a Great Run. I think it's safe to say that both our lives have changed significantly since we've moved into together, in many awesome ways.

Along the way we've had our ups and downs.

I've locked her out more than twice; I've cleaned up many a pile of cat shit or kitty puke (holy shit - right after I typed that I heard one of the cats faux-puking in the other room).

Needless to say, this has been a mutually beneficial experience.

And now, the next chapter of our friendship begins, rather appropriately during the dawn of Spring. Roomie's new placed is just down the street, only a 10 minute walk.

This is so AWESOME!

Me, I'm staying put. And I got New Roomie lined up...he's a gay man in his late 50's, and we share the same initials...that man is my Father.

He's still going to live full-time in the NYC-area but also come here a few days every few weeks for work.

This means that 95% of the the time, I'll indulge in 900+ square feet of 1920's era Chicago 2-flat, and for the time he spends here, Father will pay approximately 1/4 of the rent.

Plus utilities (kidding!).

In the interim, this place is going to change in subtle and not so subtle ways. I'm excited, it's like an almost blank canvas, and I get to play with it!

Also, the transition with Roomie's new Roomie moving in down the street, and her gradually moving out/my Father moving a few things in...this is like the Perfect/Ideal Scenario!


Only Mark said...

Oh Lord...looks like someone has many more pantless days ahead of him. I hope your neighbors are ready for it!

Silly Billy said...

Is Roomie taking John-Dildo with her or is she leaving that for you as a parting present?

dan said...

justin, sounds like a great plan, can't wait to see what comes up with that blank canvas.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...


But I agree--Nawh'borie needs a little work.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

But how will you handle those potentially awkward sleepovers when your new roomie is there? Sock on the door?