Sunday, June 8, 2008


For the past 4 seasons I have made it a habit to buy a new Cubs hat. This, my friends, is by far the most awesome one yet...behold the 59Fifty!

While in the process of boarding a jet to LA last month, I noticed a smokin' hot/built Latino guy wearing almost the same hat; the difference being is his sported a White Sox logo, while mine obviously favors the North Siders.

I immediately made an inner resolution to obtain the hat you see there pictured and although one of my friends thinks it looks "ghetto", I could give a damn. My boys are 34-and-22 and wear that cap with pride.

In other news, the legendary B.B. King in set to perform tonight in Grant Park as the closing act of Bluesfest. How fucking awesome? Very!

Last time he did this was over 20 years ago. There are going to be a fuck-load of people there tonight, and seeing as it just rained like whoa, this is certain to be a sloppy night.



That hat is ridiculous.

I think I like it!

You said you saw a White Sox version of it? Suit up! Let's go to the mall!

David said...

I want that hat.

I went to the Cubs site, but did not find it.

How the heck can I get it out to California?