Monday, May 19, 2008


Oh man, this weekend was so much fun! I think some of it has to with the fact that the nice weather seems to be here to stay, but hanging out with old friends, seeing a bunch music and lots of hot guys certainly made their contributions as well.

Let's start with Thursday Night, when I finally got to see Helio Sequence at the Empty Bottle. I bought tickets over 2 months ago and keep checking my calender leading up to the show, and they did NOT let me down.

Seeing a Rock Show at 11PM on a "school night" is not the best idea, but hell if I cared. And this venue is one of my favorite places to see a show. It's tiny, has great sound and cheap beer. The bathroom, however is disgusting and I do my best not to touch anything in it. Lot of cute guys in attendance too...

Friday Night I went to Boystown by myself but within minutes of walking down Halstead Ave I heard someone call my name, it was my buddy/wingman D.

He was in Mini Bar with a friend of his. While standing at the bar this English cougar that looked like Simon Le Bon started buying me drinks and introducing me to his smokin' hot co-worker. Kid was tall with spiky black hair and had a body which I found difficult keeping my hands off (eventually I stopped trying, he didn't seem to mind).

These guys were eager to see the other bars on the strip so D and I took them over to Sidetrack. Unfortunately hot co-worker guy left to presumably hook up with another hot guy (man, they were out in full force this weekend) leaving me alone with the cougar. He was cool to talk to but I could feel he wanted to get in my pants so I excused myself to smoke outside.

Once I came back in the bar I walked up this other hot guy and used the "excuse me, but would you mind talking to me, I'm trying to hide from that guy over there" line. It worked like a charm although I forgot to get his number. Oh well.

From there the night got messy and D and I went to 3 other bars before I had had enough fun for one night and crashed at his place. Thanks D!

On Saturday afternoon I went over to the gay sports bar for a AIDS fundraiser/beer bust. Apart from the group of sweaty softball players (all wearing matching Under Amour gear) the place was pretty quiet and I mostly chatted with my 2nd favorite bartender (who has gorgeous blue eyes) and watched baseball.

Drinking in the afternoon tends to make me sleepy and I went home to watch a movie ("The Graffiti Artist", which I highly recommend) and took a nap.

"Rupture" from The Grafitti Artist

I awoke at 10:30PM (some nap) and 2 of my buddies had left me several drunken messages requesting my presence at the Mutiny, a divey hole in the wall (home to "the world's greatest urinal") hosts punk shows on it's tiny stage. Bear, MA and Jo are all good friends of mine from high school were well on their way to Drunk Town.

This was like a reunion of sorts, but even more so because the legend himself (at least in Chicago punk rock circles) Todd Pot was in attendance who would later play with a band called the Traitors ("Beer + No Talent + Homosexual tension + Beer + Violence = Traitors").

At one point I turned to Jo and said "this is better than high school since we're all of drinking age now" who deadpanned "yeah, but we can't smoke!"

My buddies had made friends with the opening band from Minneapolis called Amen and the Hell Yeahs. Really cool guys, but I must say I was most drawn to the drummer Tyler. I think you can figure out why (oh and he gave me a button - how sweet).

Tyler from Amen and the Hell Yeahs

They were loud, rough and sloppy and I loved every minute of their set, especially when Tyler took his shirt off (but less so when Josh took off his jeans, revealing a pair of bikini briefs). We were all drinking this insanely heavy glass stiens of PBR and it wasn't long before I caught up with my buddies and was feeling good.

The main attraction, though was clearly the self proclaimed "most hated band in Chicago", the Traitors. These guys put on crazy fucked up shows and the singer, Todd Pot did not disappoint. I've seen Todd light himself on fire before on-stage during a New Year's Eve show with his old band Apocalypse Hoboken (another legendary hard-core Chicago band) .

This night he donned what looked like a white haz-mat suit, which made sense when he started throwing fake blood at the mosh pit I got stuck in. Bear's cardigan sweater looked like a used tampon by the end of the night (mental note, must do laundry tonight).

The night was far from done however. MA really wanted to get high so he called some hippi kid that lives in Logan Square and we made our way to his place. He seemed to be having a party of some sort, with a bunch of kids in their early 20's. Several of whom, you guessed it, were cute but everyone was really cool and laid back.

Having said that they made no attempt to hide the fact they were disgusted by the smell of Jo's feet. Can't say I wasn't either, really, they fucking stank.

So we got out of there and went back to my place. It was 5AM at this point but we stayed up, got insanely high and watched "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". At 7AM MA and I walked to McDonald's for breakfast. Ugh.

It was a good weekend, however I wish that my sleep pattern wasn't so erratic, which would explain why I woke up at 5AM this morning and decided to type this up. Damn, it was worth it though.


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Wow. That's a weekend.

Chicago's Bi Guy said...

Man it shoulds like you had a blast.. wait a minute YOU DID. I was to hung over to even get out of bed the next day. However we have to get ready for IML this weekend so I hope you're ready to see some hot bears (and yes bears can be hot)