Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yesterday I was filling the tiny tank of my car and I started thinking about how insane gas prices are. This week a report was released that declared the most expensive gasoline in the US was sold right here in Chicago, averaging north of $4 a gallon.

Though my car specifies premium fuel I compromise and use mid-grade which means that to fill 3/4 of my tank costs about $42.00 - money that could be better spent on clothes, booze or concert tickets. But I digress.

This got me thinking about different transportation alternatives. My lease is up in 12 months and I've been pondering it's eventual replacement. I could go the hybrid route and opt for a Prius, or perhaps purchase an economical diesel, such as a VW Golf TDI.

But frankly, I'd rather die than drive a jelly bean shaped hybrid or another VW (I've had 2 thus far, and although I liked both, the new ones are overweight, overpriced and over-ugly).

So what then? A motorcycle is an interesting alternative, one that would use little gasoline and would afford me the speed which I have become accustomed to. Problem is, bikes scare the living shit out of me, especially driving in Chicago traffic.

What I've found is in my mind the perfect "hybrid". A vehicle with 4 wheels with the speed and efficiency of a motorbike...ladies and gentlemen, behold, the mighty ARIEL ATOM!

Powered by a Honda KOA2 engine of which I have become familiar (the same mill found in my current ride), supercharged it so it develops 300HP and bolt it to a chassis that doubles as an exoskeleton weighing a total of 1,400LB, and you have a whip capable of going rocketing you to 60MPH in 2.9 seconds. Gah-Damn!

The only car faster is the mighty (and insanely expensive) Bugatti Veyron. For about E43,000 (as in Euro) you can obtain a fuel slipping time machine that may lack doors, windows or a roof, but will instill fear in anything you are likely to encounter on a public roadway.

Of course getting valid plates can be an issue, but nothing this AWESOME should come easy. Some production bikes may be faster in a straight-away, but the most fun one can have on four wheels comes when one defies physics and can pull mad G's in turns.

Need proof? Watch this video of Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson at the 3 minute mark when his face is literally peeled back from the rush provided courtesy of the Atom. This thing is fucking SICK!


Cooper said...

I used to ride a motorcycle, before I lived in NYC. It was extremely efficient (I got well over 40 mpg) and tons of fun. I totally miss that bike. You should get one so I can live vicariously!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Swear to God, I would pay your gas for the summer to see you riding around the streets of Chicago for just a day in that thing.

Speedy said...

I've had a couple bikes in my storied past but nothing like that . . . you need to get one, and you need to take me for a ride!

Cockbag LLC said...

Just don't get a Smartcar. Those things are all of Europe.