Friday, April 25, 2008


After getting my hopes up several times, today's call from the body shop was not a pointless update ("sir, you're car is still being repaired, no, we don't know when it will be done", etc). Instead they told me that my car was fixed and ready to go home!

I left work early and drove over the body shop, where my no longer fucked up baby was glinting the sun. Sigh, I fell in love all over again...

It's in better shape then now then before it sideswiped, seeing as the that rim is new (and free of any road rash) and is the rear bumper (which had all sorts of dings from parallel parking) not to mention the rear quarter panel, door, mirror, window and most of the rear suspension.

The final total was $7,333.02, of which I had to charge $500 to my plastic, which totally sucks but hey, that federal rebate check will cover that and leave me with some money to blow on shoes, clothes or maybe even a tattoo.

After signing the paperwork and doing an inspection (they left wax in a few places, you think I'm not going to notice that shit?) and I got in, started her up and forgot how sensitive the gas pedal can be and nearly peeled out of the garage into traffic. Oops.

On the short drive home I decided to BUMP the speakers with a The Rapture's "House of Jealous Lovers". It's Friday, I got a drink in my hand and the Cubs are playing. I need to get my ass to a bar. But before I do (or before you do) enjoy some music!


borg_queen said...

It's "than", not "then"! ARRRGHHH!!!

Cooper said...

Yay, glad your baby's back like new!

Now, about this tattoo... I'll be needing details, please. ;)

Silly Billy said...

The baby is looking good! You certainly are having a good week.

ex-roomie said...

hey! Borg Queen's a grammar bitch like me!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Car is looking sleek.


About the tat.. go for it bro.

Anonymous said...

a tattoo?