Saturday, April 26, 2008


So, one of the 2 guys I mentioned in this post with the "HomoHawk" (cheers to Cooper on that term) works at this gay bar. I saw him on Monday and thought, damn, I'd like to get all up on that. Last night I had some time to kill while I was waiting for my buddy to get ready, so I went back to the gay bar for some beers and to watch the rest of the Cubs game.

I was standing in the busy bar, staring at the plasma TV, beer in hand when someone taps me on the shoulder. It was the cute guy with the HomoHawk, and he said "hey man, did you go to [blank] High School?" to which I responded that I did. Then he asked me if I graduated in 1998, and again, I responded that I did. So did he! Holy Shit!

Eventually I remembered who he was (my high school was huge, and there were over 900 people in my graduating class) and DAMN, boy looks nothing like he did back in the day. He's all built, pierced and tattooed up. Anyways, we chatted randomly while he was working and when it got time for me to go, we exchanged digits. I'm assuming this is just a friend type thing, but WOW! How random!


ex-roomie said...

Speaking of haircuts, maybe he recognized you because your haircut hasn't changed in 8 years that I've known you!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Roomie, ex-Roomie rather.. is just too damn funny.