Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Every 2 weeks on my way from work I stop at a barber shop. They call it a salon, but really, any place that charges $7 to cut a man's hair is a barber shop. I really don't think many woman will trust another man to cut their hair, especially when the men are clearly not gay, and in this case Syrian. Maybe, I dunno.

Regardless, I do in deed trust these guys and although I always get a buzz cut, it's not as easy of a haircut as one might expect. In fact, I've burned through 3 other of these types of places because they failed to evenly use a #2 clipper blade on all sides of my head. But these guys really know their way around my, ahem...head.

Regardless, I've been getting a little bored of the same basic look and have decided I want to mix things up a bit. There is no way in hell I am growing my hair out; I've tried that many, many times and frankly, I'm just not meant to have hair longer than an inch in length. When my hair gets long it gets wavy and the only to tame it is with liberal amounts of product, which I loathe in any form.

So I figure that leaves me with 3 options, which I have outlined below. You, loyal readers, have the opportunity to influence my decision on which way I will go, so THINK HARD!

#1 The Buzz Cut

Rather than using the #2 blade I could have my capable barber buzz my head using a #1 blade instead of #2. This would not be a drastic change and therefore a fairly boring one, but perhaps the conservative route suits me best.

Also, when it's freshly shorn I have this habit of rubbing my head when I'm trying to make my mind. Somehow I think this action helps my thought process, I guess (rubbing head).

But I've been shaving my head on and off since Junior year of high school, and I think a change of some sort, would be welcome. So...

#2 The Crew Cut

Ironically, I have almost gotten a few of these on accident. Before I sit down in the chair I remove my glasses and have no idea what the barber is doing (I am blind as a bat w/o contacts or glasses) and several of them have misinterpreted my instructions and avoided buzzing the top of my head.

On at least 2 occasions attempts were made to talk me out of this before I reassured the barber/stylist that I know what I want done. It's not a bad look but I'm not sure it would look good on me, although I could easily just have the "top" shaved right off it looks like shit.

#3 The Buzz/Crew/Mohawk Cut

This would NOT be a faux hawk. As I previously stated, I do not like putting product on my hair. Rather, this would be a hybrid of a buzz/crew cut and a Mohawk. I'm worried that this could look like a landing strip or just make me look like a total poser.

Within the last week I saw 2 guys with this haircut, and they both looked really, really hot. Not that I am anywhere near as good looking as these guys, but I think I could pull it off. Maybe. Of course, I think the guy in that picture is smokin' hot, so my judgment could be clouded.

If anyone has any other suggestions, let 'em rip!


borg_queen said...


FitnessNerd said...

no no no on the mohawk. I don't anyone with a legitmate job should have that haircut. If you get it, you might as well get a the middle of your forehead.

I do the number 1 guard all over now, and I do it myself. I only go to the barber once a month to even out the back.

Victor said...

I have zero cuts myself. From your pics I prefer you with the crew cut followed closely by the buzz cut. The mohawk cut does nothing for me.

Silly Billy said...

I just did a haircut post too!

Ok, while I like borg_queen's suggestion, nobody can pull that off like my future husband David Beckham, so don't even go there.

I say number three, just so you can tell us what the boss man says when you come to work with that.

Anonymous said...

As a person who has seen your hair in all of its stages over the last 12 years (Holy Fuck!),I say short on the sides and just a tiny bit longer than the crew cut on top is best on you. Looks so good, it might even take my attention away from those pretty pink nipples of yours...

jeremy said...

Please J, do not get option three, the choice of disaffected youth and fake anarchists the world over. You'll end up looking like either a junior member of the Aryan Nation, or a really enthusiastic fan of ultimate fighting. I vote for the status quo. Nothing boring about looking damn good.

Anonymous said...

Let #3 be your angry boyfriend that won't work and mooches off of you, but is really good in bed.

Don't get #3 on yourself unless your independently wealthy.

#1 looks too boot camp, and your getting too old for that look now.

I agree with anon. comment above, get the crew with a little more length.

Cooper said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and agree with you that the homohawk looks hot. I had one (briefly) last year.

If you decide not to go with that, though, I say bald is beautiful - do the short buzz. As you know, buzzcuts make people touch your head. :)

JUSTIN said...

@Borg: That's a fauxhawk, this is different.

@FitnessNerd: I don't think work would care, they are pretty lax about shit like that.

@Victor: It's not for everyone, granted, and I would probably get tired of it quick, but it might be fun for a bit.

@Silly Billy: I would love to see his reaction too, but he would probably just roll his eyes.

@Anonymous: My nipples just retracted into my chest. They FEAR you!

@Jeremy: My hair as is has elicited a comment like "you could pass for one of Hitler's youth" more than once.

@Anonymous: If I found a BF that looked like that I would totally support him (as long as he was awesome in bed). Not a bad alternative.

@Cooper: Yes, a HomoHawk! That's the term I was reaching for. My good female friend/hair/fashion adviser totally agrees with you.

Devil's Advocate said...

Crew cut with a little more on top. But I don't like shaved or buzz cut so I'm not objective. I like my guy with longer hair.