Tuesday, March 25, 2008


On Sunday the illustrious Roomie departed for another week of work back east, which means my apartment has officially become a Pants Free Zone.

After I come home from work tonight, I did as my Father always did and cracked a beer (I learned it from you Dad!) with every intention of doing some laundry.

Well, the Universe had other plans in mind, and another neighbor was using the single washing machine that all 13 apartments in my building use. Dang!

So, like any reasonable person, I decided to smoke some incredibly strong Shit and use the internet for the same reason that 98% of internet users use it for. This of coarse required mandatory removal of my pants.

2 hours have since passed and yet I remain sans pants, probably to the discomfort of people walking on the street 2 1/2 floors below. Fuck 'em, it's warm and my windows are open!

Also, I'm wearing boxers, so those people can get over it.


kwame kilpatrick said...

we're not interested in your penis.

borg_queen said...

We are.

dailybriefing said...

as are we.

Silly Billy said...

Pants are soooooo overrated.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I think a picture paints a thousand words.. load one already ;o)

PS - there is nothing wrong with walking around in boxing shorts.. I do that all the time.

borg_queen said...

@soul: You're right. BEsides, boxers were invented/intended to be worn as they are. As shorts! Not as fucking underwear!

james said...

one washing machine for 13 units? that's absurd!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

May you enjoy several weeks of pants-free living.