Monday, January 14, 2008


Damn - it's cold in Chicago! How cold is it? Let's just say that Ann Coulter would be reaching for her long johns (eewwww!). Thankfully, I had a nice surprise waiting for me in my mailbox today to warm me up...Sidney Crosby!

OK - it wasn't actually the 5'11, 200lb sexier-than-thou hockey player (he wouldn't fit, the magazine below barely did), but after peeling off the cover to this month's Men's Fitness magazine reminding me that this was my last issue, this young God laid before my eyes...

Within moments, my pulse quickened...suddenly I was transported to a locker room in Pittsburgh where young Sidney was having trouble taking his Reebok skates off. Nice guy that I am, I offered to help. He also seemed to be having trouble removing his sweaty, form fitting blue shirt, so of course I helped him off with that too.

I could go on, but I am hesitant to cloud your potential fantasy involving Sidney. Damn, look at those arms! The face, the lips, the, the...sigh!

Shit, why didn't I play hockey as a kid? Oh yeah, I was fat and hated sports. Oh well...damn, he looks so hot in tight black gear! Thanks for warming me up tonight Sidney! Now I need to go and renew my subscription to this fine publication.

Move the fuck out the way Grady Sizemore, there's a new man in my fantasy world of athletes, and you ain't got shit on him!

(PS - Call me Grady, I still heart you!)


Closeted said...

He is a hottie.

Silly Billy said...

Hottie indeed.

K said...

He is Grady is 10x hotter....come on Justin!

FitnessNerd said...

Very Hot!

And while Grady is hot, he loses points for a very doofy official team photo in his stats table on his website.

FitnessNerd said...

OK, yeah...kinda slow at work for a minute, and I found two almost completely shirtless pics of Sidney




Yeah, I need a hobby...

J.R. said...

You have a very specific look for your fantasy jock... those two looks like cousins. Or is that just me?

Btw, you were SO SWEET to help Sid out of his clothes for me. That's why I love you, Justin.

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