Thursday, August 2, 2007


As recently as early June I had all but written off the Cubs season. At the time we were sucking big time, fellow teammates were beating one another and Lou Pinella got all up in an Ump's grill, and was not only ejected from the game, but suspended for the next 5. The out looked grim, to the say the least.

Since June 3 the Cubs have gone 35-18 and won 17 of their last 24 games at Wrigley. No other MLB team has gone on a tear like so it's of little surprise that we finally moved to 1st place in the NL Central division. Technically we're still tied with the Milwaukee Brewers and we have a tough series against the Mets coming up, but there is reason to be hopeful that our hot streak will continue. This is so fucking awesome!

UPDATE: We lost 10-6 to the Phillies (thanks a lot Sean Marshall, nice job giving up 7 runs in the first 3 innings. No, really, that was brilliant - shithead!) although thanks to the Mets beating the bratwurst out of the Brewers, we are still standing atop the NL Central. I like the Mets, they seem like a fine team, which is why it's gonna be hard to watch the Cubs beat on them this weekend (mark my words Billy, haha).