Thursday, August 2, 2007


This morning at work I was sitting at my desk feeling rather groggy (this heat wave can blow me - I slept like shit last night). Needless to say I was not in work mode yet, rather I was reading the news online when my boss crept up behind me and said "hey Justin" (I literally jumped) "come in to my office, I have something I need to ask you". "No problem" I said, but in the back of my mind I was thinking "FuckFuckFuck, what did I do, what did I not do, what did I do wrong?".

Bossman: (closing door) "Have a seat..."
Me: (likely sweating) "Sure, what's up?"
Bossman: (clears throat) "You've been working for us for a year and a half now, right?"
Me: "Just a little more than 18 months, yeah"
Bossman: "I know this can be a tough job at times, and it's not for everyone"
Me: (oh fuck, I'm sooo getting fired) "Uh, yeah, it can be tough at times"
Bossman: "Well, we just want you to know..." (long dramatic pause)
Me: (noticing his Gun and Ammo magazine on his desk) "....yeah?"
Bossman: "...that we really appreciate all your hard work but..."
Me: (what? there's a "but"?) "...I always give it my all"
Bossman: "...the partners and I have decided..."
Me: (stop this tormenting me, just fire me already!)
Bossman: "we've decided that effective 8/1, your compensation will be increased to $XXXXX"
Me: (holyfuckingshit): "I truly appreciate this vote of confidence...I, uh, I"
Bossman: "congratulations, you've earned it"
Me: "thank you so much!"

And with that Bossman extended his hand and I gave him a firm handshake.

Sitting back down behind my desk I was almost shaking with excitement. The extra money isn't going to radically alter my lifestyle, but it will surely allow me to live a slightly more comfortable existence. And really, it's not just about the money (really). This raise came out of the clear blue sky and on top of a decent one I received back in February. It feels really, really great to have my hard work recognized.

This was never, isn't and likely never will be my dream job (still waiting for a callback from the demolition/wrecking ball people, haha) but I must say, I work for some seriously AWESOME employers.

Now, like any proper homo, it's time to celebrate like we do: I'm going shopping...for shoes! I've wanted a hot pair of Pumas for some time and if ever there was a time to be self indulgent, this is it!

The following image approximates my current mood....


J.R. said...

Heh. Love the pic, man.

Congrats on the raise! I'm sure it has little to do with your actual merits as an employ, though. You owe this extra bit of income to those tight jeans you wore yesterday! You know it's true, hotness.

Nothing Golden Stays

DB said...

woo hoo! mazel tov!

Hamilton said...

congrats buddy. hahaha that is so funny, i mean how u shaking and everything and I am sure your boss enjoyed the whole experience just as much as you did. Nice pic too, that portrays your mood very nicely

Closeted said...

Congrads on the pay raise.

Silly Billy said...

Hmmm. So giving it your all means reading the news, staring at planes out the window, and the occasional blog post. I'll have to keep that in mind cause if that is the case I CLEARLY give it my all too.

Congrats on the raise. I am sure it is well deserved. It will be spent well when you are buying me drinks (whenever that may be) after the Mets sweep the Cubs this weekend. Actually you will be buying youself drinks after work today to ease the pain of a Friday afternoon loss. Haha.

K said...

Ooooo fun times. Congrats, and def go buy something nice!

jay said...

CONGRATS! For a second you had me worried, your boss probably loved having you there on the edge of your seat!

This just seems to be YOUR summer man. LOL. Heat waves aside.