Friday, August 3, 2007


Well, I went out to the local gay bar last night and met another guy. Now, keep in mind that I don't go to this bar that often but when I do I usually sit in "my spot". Why it is my spot? For one thing, it affords me a commanding view of 3 plasmas showing various baseball games and it's about in the middle of the bar, meaning that I have a nice view of the crowd on my left, and the crowd on my right. After I settled in and ordered a beer from the adorable bartender whom seems to recognize me now (I usually tip him really well) and look to my right, 2 bar stools down and there sits a cute white guy sporting a light beard and a sleeveless t-shirt. He seems to be scanning the room but for the first few minutes I just sip my beer and suck down a Camel.

Suavely I lean over and ask "hey, you shoot pool?". No response. "Hey man..." and again there is no response. I realize it's not that he's being rude but it's just loud and apparently I wasn't projecting my voice. A minute or two passes, he looks in my general direction and we make eye contact. "" I say. "Well, I'm not too good but sure, whatever..." says the cute boy that I think slightly (ever-so) resembles Justin Timberlake. He pauses and says something else but I can't hear a damn thing so I get up off my stool and sit on the one next to him. We introduce ourselves.

Over small talk someone steals the lone pool table (dude shooting pool alone, mind you) but frankly I don't care since I'm sitting next to JT-Lite. We order a round of beers and discover the following things we both have in common: a) we grew in about the same area, b) we both went to Catholic elementary school, and c) we both did some theater work in high school (how gay!). For the next hour and a half we don't stop talking, not even for a moment. I had had enough beer but the adorable bartender poured me another and told me it was on him (thanks man!).

We shared the last beer and I ask him if he wants to take a walk. He does. Walking down the street I see a black Porsche 911 Turbo parked and I casually walk towards it, reach into my pocket for my keys and say "we'll, here's where I'm parked" (it's an old joke of mine, and a really cheesy one) and he laughs and playfully hits me in the arm. We keep walking and realize that we are now in the shady part of this neighborhood and circle back. I walk over to where I'm parked and ask him if he wants a ride but he thinks I'm kidding again. I am not. This really is my car!

Predictably, we end up back at his place. JT-Lite lives alone in a studio on the 12th floor of a building near the lake. It's an old hotel turned into apartments and it's got a nice view of the busy city below. He bemoans his lack of beer or booze but I tell him it's cool, we've both had more a few already. He puts on some music (Elliot Smith, I'm impressed) and we keep talking, and talking. Turns out he went to school to be a massage therapist (cha-ching!) and rubs my shoulders and then, well, we make out. For an hour. All I'll say is that I was a good boy and kept it in my pants, which is quite the feat considering I wasn't wearing any.

Eventually we drifted off to sleep, nakedly holding one another. It was pretty fucking sweet. I stayed the night and cursed his alarm clock when it went off at 7AM. Somehow I made it to home in time to take a shower, feed the cats and even make a sandwich for work. We've been texting here and there all day and we have plans to see a movie tonight. Score! I don't care what we see as long as I'm sitting next to him in a dark room, (with the exception of the Harry Potter movie). This guy is awesome and doesn't seem like the flash in the pan/Crew Guy type. He seems genuine and really sweet. Cute laugh too.

This is random, but remarkable nonetheless: JT-Lite has too younger brothers and all 3 of them are gay! Talk about a gay trifecta!

PS - You Deserve A Blowjob will be taking the week off.


Dee said...

Damn man why can this never happen to me... That's it I'm going to have to go to crew by myself and try to see if I get as lucky as you do every time you go.

Hamilton said...

round of applause. You are an inspiration. I need to get out to gay places by myself more. But it is a bit different vibe here -_-..

But you have done theater work in highschool, yes that is insanely gay hahaha.

This guy seems nice, good work, and what lucky bastard he was. coming out for him wasn't so hard was it!

DB said...

hey J, I think for this exciting find, you deserve a blowjob, and I hope you get it tonight.

J.R. said...

Damn. No keeping the hotness to myself I guess.

(Hey, hook me up with one of his cuter brothers...)

Nothing Golden Stays

dan said...

hey man, glad to hear SOMEbody's having some fun. enjoy the movie and have a great weekend. later.

jay said...

Justin Timberlake? I hate you. I hate you! LOL.

By any chance are JT-Lite's brothers in Pittsbrugh? LOL>

K said...

Who the fuck are you and why do yo keep on getting so lucky? I am really starting not to like you!