Saturday, July 28, 2007


My plan for the evening was to go to a music/street festival over in oh-so-hip Wicker Park tonight, but after I was reminded by my super awesome Lesbian friends (and Dee) that tonight is Venetian Night, I have amended my plans. Besides, no one else really was that interested in seeing a bunch of obscure bands or be surrounded by dudes wearing neckerchiefs. Although I'm slightly disappointed, it's cool...I get to hang out with a slew of friends and eat and drink in the park, always a good time.

Now if you don't know what Venetian Night is, I'll explain. Every year people gather in Grant Park (just east of the Loop) to watch a flotilla of yachts all dressed up in lights parade themselves across the lake front. Others with more modest vessels also put lights in their boats too and motor about on Lake Michigan, and later in the night the city puts on a huge fireworks display. I'm not exactly sure why this tradition exists but I do know that tonight is the 50th anniversary.

Of course, I can't any decent pictures on Google, so the one above is of Buckingham Fountain and some fireworks. Hope everyone has a good night!

PS - I'm getting my camera back tonight so I should have some decent pictures to post tomorrow (that is if I can find some batteries that work) and I'll finally be able to post some pictures from the Pride Parade.

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Dee said...

I had a amazing time at this event Justin. I must admit I liked the fireworks a lot more than the boats however.