Friday, May 25, 2007


For the second week in a row we had a Texas Hold 'Em tournament over at my buddy's place. Years ago, my friends and I were adamant about playing once a week, usually on Tuesday nights. It was a great way to get to see a lot of people, not to mention a perfect way to blow off work-related steam.

We played every for over a year, but eventually Tuesday Poker Night fell died out after a few of the guys got married and a few others moved in different directions. Needless to say, I hope we can keep Thursday Poker Night going. Although gambling is usually not one of my regular vices, I do enjoy playing poker, a lot. And since we're not playing for big stakes (usually only $5-$10) it's mostly harmless fun.

Adding to the fun was the presence of a boy I used have a huge crush on in High School. Last week I mentioned seeing an old crush, but that was nothing compared to the hard-on I had for this guy.

Nick was an army brat who transferred to my high school during our senior year. I still remember one afternoon sitting in creative writing class when the door opened and in he walked. He had that sullen, "I'm deeply misunderstood" look in his eyes that most angsty teenage boys seem to have, and he had it in spades. Oh, and he has an upside down American flag on the back of his neck which I always thought was hot as hell, (turns out I still do - seriously, that shit is punk as hell).

If I had to put him in a social box I would have to say he was a hybrid goth/punk, as evidenced by his black clothing and spiky hair. The thing I always thought as odd is that he was pretty built, which is odd because he wasn't a jock and I doubt he's ever seen the inside of a health club.

Obviously I was turned on by his looks, but since my only contact with him was in a creative writing class, I also was afforded the opportunity to peek inside his head. Once I was paired up by him by the teacher so we could critique each others assignments, and I remember being really nervous because he was such a good writer, (not my mention I suck at writing poetry).

He was never easy to talk to because he was always so intense. Eventually I realized why: he dropped acid and/or ate mushrooms just about every week. One moment in particular stands out. I was in English class, senior year and it was obvious to those that knew him he was high as hell. He was playing with a rubber snake and laughing manically. At one point he put the snake in his pants and was sticking the head out of his fly. The teacher was totally oblivious. Ahhh, high school was fun!

I didn't see much of him after graduation (I think he went to jail once or twice for possession) although along the way he became good friends with one of my current really good friends. But outside of the few random parties we both happened to be at I haven't really talked to him much, until last week when he and his hot girlfriend joined us for poker.

Besides developing a bit of a beer belly the years seem to have treated him well. He has a decent job and drug-wise, he has cleaned up his act, (mostly). His sharp intellect is also still intact, not to mention his quick wit. Needless to say, I'm still very attracted to him. But that didn't keep me from taking his and everyone else's money last night! Woot-woot!

Whew, I was fucking merciless last night. Although I was helped out by the sick cards I keep getting, (I was a magnet for Aces and face cards) the other players kept falling into every trap I set. Usually I start fast and win big then steadily lose my chips as the blinds increase. Not last night. It took me a few rounds to get going but once I did it practically robbed everyone. The others kept wanting to take breaks here and there, and I obliged, (they seemed to think this would stop my momentum, it did not).

During one of these breaks Nick was talking about his favorite "put-down", which is "lousy bitch" (not bad). I suggested he try using "lousy douche" and he remarked "brilliant I fucking love it, with my brain and your good looks we'll go far!", (interestingly enough I was thinking the exact opposite thing, but either way I can think of a few places I'd like to take him, haha). This was when the night got a little weird.

We resumed our game and had a few more beers. He needed to get up to piss which meant I had to stand up to let him by. I didn't think he was that buzzed but he missed a step and fell into me, wrapping his arms around my waist in the process. Then later he did this again, then one more time. The more he drank the more touchy feely he got, (much to the embarrassment to both his girlfriend and myself). He also said something about my ass, although right now I can't recall what.

It's kinda odd - I used to think that straight guys would get all freaked out by a gay dude touching them, but lately a lot of straight guys have been touching me, and it's kinda freaking ME out. Perhaps next time I'll just say: "Hey Nick, not sure if you know I like guys now - but I used to slightly obsessed with you in high school, so maybe it's best you keep your hands to yourself". Or maybe: "Hey Nick, ditch the girl - come play for my team!" Yeah, right.


mstpbound said...

haha! that story was so hot. you should cop a grope next time he tries it. why not? you've been drinking, too, right? :) ;)

jay said...

Yes that story was hot. Maybe the straight guys getting all touchy feely aren't so straight?

I wouldn't read too much into it tho. Isn't it weird how the hott ones in high school always get the beer belly tho?

Maybe you should tell him one day and see what he says. Not the crush in high school thing but the i'm into guys thing lol.

Oh and congrats on kicking ass at Poker. I've only played it a few times and I had beginner's luck that slowly faded to experienced losing.