Thursday, May 24, 2007


The New York Times is reporting that the FDA has chosen to reaffirm it's ban on gay men donating blood, despite the opinion of both the Red Cross and America's Blood Centers that the exclusionary policy should be revised.

Personally, I don't think this is evidence of any vast conspiracy to discriminate against gay men, however it is indicative of the Federal Government's point of view that the population of gay men in the United States is teeming with disease, and need to be quanitined, as it were.

Statistically speaking, it's difficult to argue that gay men don't have a higher risk rate than heterosexual people of contracting HIV. But the FDA's decision seems to ignore the fact that homosexuals are not alone in participating in risky sex. Heterosexual's can be just as whore-ish and irresponsible and the worst bathhouse junkie.

I'd like to think that because of a potentially higher risk rate gay men are more aware and therefore get tested more often; perhaps that's wishful thinking. Do heterosexuals with active sex lives get tested on a regular basis? I got tested back in February and I don't know of single heterosexual friend of mine that has been tested since or before then.

Thankfully all my tests came back negative. I'm a healthy, willing donor but in the eyes of the FDA, my blood is no good to them.


Silly Billy said...

Amen, I could not agree with you more. I get tested regularly and NONE of my straight friends do.

And yet I would donate blood if I could.


You sure your blood isn't purely alcohol at this point?

JUSTIN said...

It sure as shit is when I'm hanging out with you and Mojo watching baseball.

jay said...

Straight ppl tend not to get tested frequently at all.

Anyways, if 2 eggs were broken in a box would you throw out the whole dozen? NO. It's not like they don't test the blood anyways.