Sunday, May 20, 2007


The first thing I saw this morning upon opening up my eyes was the sight of my roommate's cat sitting on my chest, staring me down in a vain attempt to get me out of bed and fill it's food bowl. It wasn't supposed to be this way...

PD Boy and I made vague plans to hang out last night and go to a party my friend was throwing. I guess the general outline for the night would have gone like this: PD comes over, we have a few drinks, get drunk at the party, come home and fool around. This was not the case.

For one thing I flubbed on the date for the party, which is next weekend, not this one. Secondly, I had a crazy busy Saturday of running errands. I went to Target, spent 2 hours at the gym, had lunch with my Dad, did laundry and cleaned my apartment while watching the Cubs beat the living shit out of the White Sox, (D Lee hit a grand slam in the 8th inning!!!).

He called around 6:30PM and I told him I was going to take a nap and call him when I woke up. Rather ominously, "The Break-Up" came on while I drifted off to sleep. The weird sound my phone makes when I get a text message woke me up around 9PM, which was from PD: "Come meet me and my friends in Boystown for my birthday!"

Literally moments later I got another message from one of my good high school friend's: "We're coming over, gettin' drunk and meet up with Todd for his birthday".

I haven't seen "my boys" in some time and was eager to spend time with them. They came over, we drank a few Miller High Life's (gross beer, but whatever) and met up with Todd, his family and alot of our friends at a German restaurant around the corner from where I live.

Everyone was drunk as hell and passing around "The Boot". In all my drinking years I've never seen anything like this. Imagine a glass size 9 shoe attached to the thigh of a heavyset German woman. This thing was fucking huge and filled with strong German beer, (Bitburger, yuummmm).

Sitting to my left was another Justin, whom I haven't seen in years and whose blond hair kept reminding me of how much of crush I had on him in High School. He passed me the Boot which was near it's end. I emptied the heel but not the remaining foot, which prompted the table to hoot and holler at me that I was breaking some kind of ancient Germanic tradition.

Good thing though, as my foo-pah meant that I wasn't responsible for filling the Boot back up, which saved me $25. Too bad though that the blonde Justin left early. Sigh.

While getting drunk on said strong German beer I got a text message from PD asking where I was/what I was doing, etc. He wanted to come over, and as tempting as it was to have a cute and newly 23 year old boy dropped off at my doorstep, I choose the company of my 'ol friends and knocked back some more beer.

Crazy as it may sound, it was almost as a relief to wake up next to my roommie's cat rather than PD.


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Rumour has it that it starts to go downhill from here.... Act sensible once and sense overtakes and your never the same again.

Good luck ever getting your groove back ;o)

Though it is nice that you prioritised your mates over a cute 23 year old guy.

PS - ironically I fancied some guy at school with the same name as me. I'd probably still fancy him - he was soo cute and sexy (alas straight) but I haven't seen him in years, but in a typical stalker way I do know where he lives.

JUSTIN said...

Us not hangong out on Saturdau night really isn't a big deal; our relationship is super casual like that.

Dee said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun this weekend Justin. Glad to see you take your friends seriously.