Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Driving home in my sexy bitch of a ride from the body shop, I choose to play the dirtiest gangsta rap I had on my iPod. This seemed to elicit "fuck you punk ass" looks from random people at stoplights, but my response was to turn it up more and roll my windows down more.

Stare back hard.

Having been 6 days removed from my auto, I fell in love with my car all over again. The tight little steering wheel, the black leather all over and the ability to rev the engine to 8500 RPM, damn! I love it. My baby is back in my arms and better than ever.



Hamilton said...

hee hee

VJ said...

Its great to have your lovely ride back. You endured enough anguish that it justifies pumping the volume up and rolling the windows down.

Have fun.