Tuesday, April 3, 2007


It's been a few months since I last saw a concert, so thankfully that drought ended in spectacular fashion last night at the Talib Kweli show at the House of Blues. The above bleary picture from my cell phone somewhat hints at the energy of the show. It's rare when it seems that every single person in the building is bumping all at once, which made good use the my favorite feature of the HOB, it's springy main floor, which moves with, rather than against the crowd.

I dislike the people that work there and it's not because I'm still harboring a slight grudge when my buddy and I got booted out of there a week before my 21st birthday, (thanks again for the beer bro!). The security people are rude and sarcastic and the bartenders openly display their hostility toward anyone who dares order a drink.

Having said that Talib but on a great fucking show. Simply put, the man has the energy of a 12 year old. Being able to perform at a breakneck pace for an hour and a half will engaging the crowd as thoroughly as he did was impressive. Sick DJ too, (I wish I knew that guy's name). Too bad it was a school night or else I would have followed Talib down to the South Side joint he was performing at after the HOB show. I need to see more live hip hop.

Oh, and the best part about the show? It was all free! I've been holding onto a HOB $75 gift card I got a year ago for test driving a Lincoln, (random, I know). Needless to say I never bought a Lincoln but I still enjoyed the free lunch, (thanks for the tickets and the beer Ford!).


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Anonymous said...

Correction: My favorite Talib Kweli song is called Blast Off when we was together with Hi-Tek as reflection Eternal.

Ohh, I feel dumb getting his songs wrong.