Monday, April 2, 2007


As a result of local billionaire Sam Zell's successful bid for the Tribune Company, the Cubs are officially on the market. Let it be known that I'm willing and able to cash in my change jar should anyone want to join me in making an offer, (I'd go it alone but I think I'd be at least $500 million short). A few months ago it was rumored that Mark Cuban was kicking the tires on the lovable losers, who would certainly make for an entertaining owner. It's crazy to think of someone else owning the Cubs, but as long as the Cubbies stay above .500 this season I guess it doesn't matter who buys them.

Speaking of which, IT'S OPENING DAY! Armed with a $100 payroll, a new manager in Lou Pinella and serious depth in our bullpen the Cubs seem well prepared to erase the bad memory that was last season. We got Zambrano on the mound today, thus my prediction on the outcome of the game is as follows:

Between my case of baseball fever and the Talib Kweli show tonight my imaginary Golden Retriever tail is furiously wagging.

UPDATE: Cubs, 1, Reds, 5. Boo-who.

On the bright side, my emploer decided to close the office for Good Friday, which means I no longer have to use PTO when I go DC this weekend. Hells yeah!

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The [Cherry] Ride said...

I'll ad the $3.35 from my piggy bank and join you in your Cubs offer. That's about all they're worth.

(oohhh snap!)