Saturday, March 31, 2007


Back to back nights spent hitting up the bars with my buddies has definitely brightened my mood.

Thursday night I went to my new favorite bar, or at least on Thursday Night it's my favorite new bar since all the drinks are half off and the guy slinging the drinks is hot as hell. He manages to pull off the scruffy bread thing without looking like a tool. Nice ass too. Oh, and he pours drinks STRONG. I'm nearly in love. Even better was this guy on the other side of the bar who I've seen at this place a few times before. At first I thought he was your average cute/straight Lakeview boy who likes watching sports with his friends. He was seated across from me and he kept craning his head back to watch the Bulls game. He started talking with one of my friends and after the Bulls won he gave us a round of high 5's. It may have been my imagination but I thought he visually lingered a bit when we made eye contact. Later on my friend MK asked me if I thought he was gay. I asked him why he thought he might be and he pointed out how closely he was sitting to his friend at the bar. He was right. Their physical proximity was unlike any straight boys I observed. Hmmmmm. I hope he's there next week. I know where I'll be.

Last night was a good time too. We kept it local and we went to a little German bar down the street that I like. Good, strong German beer with names that I can't pronounce and random conversation with strangers. Fun. Apparently I was the only person in this place with a fucking lighter. No less than 4 people asked me for a light, including too attractive girls. Again, it might have been my imagination but I thought these 2 girls were flirting with me. Dunno. It's been so long since I've been out the straight dating game that I'm mostly oblivious when I'm being hit on. My bud LA was saying how this bartender chick that he thought was hot was "all over me" but I don't remember. Regardless, I kept sneaking looks at this smoking hot boy with trendy hair. For some reason I kept thinking he looked like a young Roger Waters - but hot. I was nervous when his drunk as a skunk buddy ordered a round of drinks and reached over me to grab the beers from the bartender, and sure he was going to spill one or all of them on me but thankfully I didn't take a Spaten shower.

This morning I killed my hangover with 45 minutes of cardio, (this is the only remedy I found that works for me).

Tonight I'm thinking of heading down to Boystown but Tom Skilling is predicting a thunderstorm of biblical proportions, and it's never fun walking the dozen blocks or so from the L stop to the bars in the rain. Maybe I'll just stay in and make it a Netflix night. Yeah, right.

Well, the roomie just called. ETA: 1 hour. I guess this means I should put on some pants.

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Anonymous said...

A night out and a hook up with guys... At times, its the best remedy.