Thursday, March 29, 2007


It's been a rough week. Work has been brutal, to say the least. The sheer volume of e-mail, coupled with the phone calls and the general attitude of the woman I work with has not been easy to handle. Being busy is one thing, and generally a good thing, but when there's a multitude of pesky little problems that take a lot of time to correct I get cranky.

To make a long story short I work in marketing and work under 2 sales people. Today I get a phone call from someone I've never heard of before, then an e-mail asking me to fulfill an order. Having no idea which client belonged to which sales person I forwarded the information to both of them, who both were as confused as I was. Finally it was determined the order should be routed to the Ukrainian, aka "Miss Clompy Boots" (I can only imagine how her feet must feel at the end of the day spent stomping around the office in 3 inch heeled boots) in the cube on my left. I forward the e-mail to her. She replies back, "'this is X's client, send it to her" with her usual thisisntmyproblem attitude. I snapped and although I don't remember what exactly I said, it wasn't very nice, nor professional.

The Ukrainian is one of the evil cabal of middle aged woman that surround my desk everyday. Though they may be sunny and polite at times, they like to play the office politics game, especially in regards to men.

Which brings me to another work related issue. One of the nice women in the office, one who in fact, interviewed and hired me told me that her brother used to work amongst the evil cabal. She told me how he lasted only 6 months before quitting because he couldn't deal the general air of bitchiness. She also told me they were pissed that Nice Woman didn't reveal to them that her brother was gay. Although I'm officially closeted at work I have a feeling she knows I'm gay but I don't know if her telling this was some sort of a warning. More likely than not I'm reading too much into things, as always.

I might just be in a shitty mood, but I feel like it's time to send out some resumes. I really don't enjoy this job. Plus, a friend of mine told me the other day that a marketing company she works at is hiring. The job is in the Loop, likely pays more and I would have lots of coworkers closer in age to myself. I need to jump on that shit.

Complicating my work situation has been my Grandmother's rapidly failing health. I would feel better if I could at least see her one last time but she's 1500 miles away in a hospice room in Arizona. I get daily updates from my mom (she lives out there too) and I can hear the pain in her voice. She sounds emotionally drained, which in turn affects me. All day at work my thoughts keep returning to my poor Grandfather sitting there at her bedside. Yesterday the priest came in and gave her Last Rites. She's still here, but she's fading. This makes me sad.

On that note, THANK YOU to T and VJ who were kind enough to chat with me online last night. You guys really helped me feel better.

And on that note, this being Thursday Night, I'm hitting the bar with my buddy MK. I need to shake this mood. Take care everyone...


The [Cherry] Ride said...

Hang in there. Things will turn around. Maybe a call to your grandfather would make you feel better?

Anonymous said...

Its rewarding to know that you felt better after our little chat. Anything to make you feel better bud.