Sunday, March 11, 2007


I debated posting this and finally pulled the trigger:

After work on Friday I met my roomie and her BF at a gay bar (long story short, his boss is a lesbian and a bouncer at this particular bar). The place was fucking packed with gay dudes but one in particular caught my eye: big dude, total frat boy with a booming laugh wearing a baseball cap loosely on his head. We made quick eye contact here and there but he seemed to be having a good time with the guy he was sitting next to and I thought maybe they were a couple. I'm also still seeing PD Boy so I'm not exactly "on the prowl".

Anyways I had a few more drinks and my eye kept wandering back to HIM. As I was talking to the roomie's BF I noticed the guy sitting next to HIM got up and left. I'm usually never this bold but I went over and sat down in the empty bar stool next to him. He was even more attractive close up, (total Irish hottie with a strange Chicago by way of Boston accent).

We made some awkward small talk but things improved after he had the bartender pour us his signature shot (and he made it a double). I wanted to stay and talk but I was expecting to have friends over at my place, plus the roomie and her BF had enough of the boy bar scene, although before leaving we swapped numbers.

The next day he sends me a text: "whatcha doin?” I was on my way to the gym but replied that I would hit him up when I was done. He later sent me another message that he was back at the same bar with his BF (I knew it, ho-hum) but if I wanted to meet up with them "that would be cool". I thought "why not" and headed back to the bar. I found them at the end of the long bar and ordered a beer. He looked even better than the night before.

At one point lined up along the bar was this young South Sider (total Sox fan, we had some "spirited" debate about baseball - i.e. I'm a Cub fan), me, hot frat boy, his BF, hot frat boy's ex and his current BF. Somehow we all got along great and emptied a few pitchers along with a round of shots. Once again it was time for me to leave (once again I was expecting friends to come over) but before I left hot frat boy quietly said "call me sometime; I really want to see you again". At first I thought that maybe he wants to hookup but now I realize he probably just being friendly and wants to hang out again sometime, which is cool by me.

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Anonymous said...

Its nice meeting new people.

He seems like a down to earth type of guy and its great that you are more than OK with having a friendship with the guy.

Sometimes a friend is better than a lover. Keyword sometimes... You still need your hubby one of these days.