Thursday, October 17, 2013


Holy motherfucking shit, it took me hours, lots of of crushed ice and a not pleasant conversation with a less then helpful man of Indian decent to erase the demons that have been plaguing my home internet(s). For fuck's sake, if I'm paying $75 for "blazing fast" broadband, I shouldn't have to wait 30 seconds for a web page to open. 

To say nothing of waiting for gay porn to buffer. White People Problems for sure, but internet connectivity is like oxygen, I can't really function without it. Which is to say, I have been a bit of a hermit as of late. This current pattern involves: a) working, b) drinking and c) sleeping. Shake and repeat. 

*garnish with a tiny bit of generic Zoloft (more on that later...)

It's not as dreadful as it might seem. I am actually a whole hell of a lot more content than I have been in YEARS. I am finally over my EX (although I still think about him all the time), settling into a groove with my job, which, I might add, am kicking ass at. And by the way, I am proud to say I now a unionized employee. 

In Chicago. 

After all the shit I ate working at other bars and restaurants, I cannot over-empathize how big of a deal that is. At a 4-star hotel no less. The other day I served oysters to a certain rock star whose name I shall not say here, for obvious reasons. Needless to say, my recent professional success has resulted in a new found confidence I haven't felt in a long time. 

But it's not all shits and giggles. My sleep schedule is completely out of whack, hence the reason I am writing this at 5:39AM. And it's not because I don't get enough sleep, quite the opposite. I sleep easily, for prolonged periods of time. Peacefully. It's just that, I like being awake at odd times, when everyone else is sleeping. Walking the streets at night suits my demeanor.

So, um, yeah, this is a bit rambling, but a fresh update no less! 

Far and away this is my favorite song right now:


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Patrick said...

That album is breathtaking and you picked my favorite track. I hope this catapults him to whatever success he is looking for. If you can catch him live DO IT. He is obviously a great musician but also a solid guy who is very entertaining in many ways.